Christmas hours

Please note that we will most likely be closed all of the shifts the week of Christmas – Starting Monday December 21 to Saturday December 26. This is due to two of our prominent keyholders having to leave the city. We will post changes to our hours (due to illness, bad weather or apathy) right here on our blog whenever possible so please watch this space.

One thought on “Christmas hours

  1. Aye,
    I shoulda known that all mi yuletide deliveries be delivered by thee bike pyrates… I'll leave ye out some Rum anna Phil grease ter help keep ye goin fer thee rest o yer deliveries… anna if'n they let mi inter Canada, mayhaps I'll see ye next summer fer Bike!Bike!

    -Cap'n Wölfé
    Anarchic Discordian Bike Pyrate
    exCoordinator o RIBs

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