Bike Pirates Restructuring

At our February meeting, a committee was formed to try to create an
organizational structure for Bike Pirates. That group presented a
proposed structure at the March meeting. We definitely didn’t
have the kind of time needed for a thorough discussion, and we want to
make sure that everyone in the Bike Pirates community has a chance to
give us feedback before we give the group our final proposal.

There will be a second meeting on Wednesday, April 14th at 7 pm at
Bike Pirates to discuss the proposed structure in more detail.
Everyone is welcome. A copy of the presentation will be available in
the shop at the beginning of our Saturday hours. The presentation is also available here:

If you want to ask questions or give us feedback, you can email margaret.jean [at] or tjsands66 [at]

With all of your feedback in hand, we will revise the proposal and bring it to the Bike Pirates AGM, on Wednesday, April 21st at 7pm, where we hope it will be adopted. The AGM is a general meeting open to all members of the Bike Pirates community. More info and an agenda is forthcoming, but we know for sure that there will be a food element.