Bike Pirates Needs Your Help

CYC Program
We are in the process of starting the Bicycle Program at the Cabbagetown Youth Center. This is a collective undertaking between Pirates and other organizations in the Toronto cycling community. We are sorting bikes this week, and having meetings the next two weeks, with hopes of the program beginning the first week of July. Volunteers will be needed to help run the program, including organizing and hands-on teaching. Please contact me if you would like to be involved:

As of yet we do not have enough volunteers to help us fulfill the organizational tasks of Bike!Bike! The conference is coming up in less than 3 months! We needs folks to help wtih coordinating AND we also need members of the community to get involved by donating resources or money, as well as billeting and bike-lending for the folks attending the conference.

If you want to help out with organizing please write to:
for more info or how to donate/billet/lend please visit the website:

Bike Building
Our once-a-month bike-building nights have been going really well! I want to suggest the date for June’s bike build for Friday May 4th. If this doens’t work for most people we can reschedule. We’ve been able to build up about 12 bikes on these nights (and get some others half-way done), so it’s a good way to get some recycled, affordable bikes out to the community. Also, we love building bikes!
The build will go from 7pm until 4am or until we are toast.
If you would like to participate – keeping in mind that this is a fast-paced, results-driven evening – please contact me:
there will be pizza and beer!

Bike Month
See the full calendar of events for Toronto’s Bike Month here:

We have a few events that we will need people to help out with and people to have fun attending (your call!). Check it out and speak to a volunteer or contact me, I guess, since I answer the emails :)

- Donate a bike to Bike Pirates (fake event) May 6th
- Bike Wash (like your high school fundraiser, but with bikes and no football players, I hope) May 12. Fundraiser for Bike!Bike! fun times cleaning and checking bikes in the back alley. 4 or 5 volunteers needed
- Third Friday Event! May 18th
communtiy garden ride 7pm, Bike!Bike! Fundraiser DANCE PARTY 9pm. This will be awesome. both things. we will mostly need help with setting up and tearing down the space for the party. and come out and drink beer and dance too.