Bike!Bike! Wrapup

Thanks to everyone from the shop and in the community for helping to make Bike!Bike! 2010 a great success!

We hosted over 150 people from all over North America – learning and sharing, riding and eating and dancing our asses off. It was an awesome weekend with awesome folks. We met new shops and made new friends.

Thanks to all of our outstanding volunteers who put in lots of hours (especially those up at 5:30am to cook every day!), and everyone who helped make it happen.

Bike!Bike! is awesome because you are awesome.

Much love. See you in Texas for B!B! 2011!

xo BP

One thought on “Bike!Bike! Wrapup

  1. From one of the bike bike coordinators for the Toronto 2010 thingy.

    Let me tell you, lots of Canadians came out to party and celebrate bicycles. Few workshops were cancelled and fewer had no facilitation. Each workshop had about fifty people attending. Four workshops where held at a time. Food was organic, vegan and glutton free.

    The mobile shop workshop was my favorite cause i learned about not having a shop and be committed to helping people ride a safe bike. I think about forty people came in from Montreal, Canada. They will be committing a regional bike bike named velo velo in the end of September. The next bike bike 2011 will be held in San Marcos, Texas.

    Bike Bike delegates from the states where surprised to see how many cyclists ride our narrow urban streets.

    First night we had dinner picinic style in the park. Next night we had a scavenger hunt matched with outdoor movie night in park followed by a midnight swim on the shores of Lake Ontario. After the workshops on Saturday, we took some delegates out on a tour of all the DIY bike spaces in Toronto, five in all. Then after the tour we put on a party that stretched the night away with hot steamy dance dance fun.

    On sunday we had a group discussion about the4 next bike bike. We asked Fargo to hold a winter bike bike. Some talk of New York hosting a regional bike bike. I think LA wanted a bike bike in 2012 but that is up for the talk in Texas. New Orleans group Plan B wishes to host the tenth anniversary of bike bike 2013.

    On a personal note. Bike Bike would have been nothing without the help of a pack of dedicated volunteers that operated the kitchen and supplied people with breakfest, lunch and dinner for four days.

    Hopes and dreams to the flying cyclists of America and beyond.

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