Bike Drive and Events in March

Tomorrow marks the return of our Monthly Bike Build Nights at the shop. This is an opportunity for volunteers to contribute by helping us build up a pile of bicycles for sale in ONE NIGHT. We usually work from around 7pm until 2am building as many bikes as we can, as there is little time to work on sale bikes during open hours. Having safe, affordable bikes for sale is part of how we fulfill our mandate at Bike Pirates, and makes cycling accessible to a few more people :) Building bikes is also fun, and the night is usually a good exercise in team-work, fun, frantic, and sometimes silly. All volunteers are welcome to contribute, keeping in mind that this is geared toward completing as many bikes as possible!

…But our bike build nights are not possible without bikes donated to the shop. During the winter months donations tend to drop off, and we find ourselves staring down a pile of sad mountain bikes…

So Bike Pirates is planning a large-scale callout for a Bike Drive this Spring. This will involve flyering bicycles and residences all around our community (and yours!), so we’ll need lots of volunteers to go out on foot and bike to spread the word. The Drive will take place on a Wednesday evening later in the month, so that folks can drop off their bike when the shop is not busy with normal operations. Please let us know if you would like to help with the flyering, and stay tuned for more details!

We are also planning our Third Friday event for March which will be a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Last season we held this in December, but this year we thought it might be a nice way to *begin* the season instead. All volunteers should join us at the shop for a pot-luck style community meal, as an opportunity to socialize, ask questions, and get to meet other Pirates who you may not know.
Again, more details will be coming up soon. Let us know if you would like to help plan for this event.

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  1. Friends,
    When is the best time to drop off a bike donation "when the shop is not busy with normal operations?"
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