Locks, stickers, and bike month

Hey, Did you know that we now carry bike locks? Bike Pirates carries “Trelock” locks from Germany. We have received 3 different styles, in a mid-price and mid-security levels (Between $40 and $80). Check them out online here.

And stop by the shop to check them out!

In other news we will have brand-spanking new Bike Pirate stickers in the shop this coming week. Designed by our very talented pal Frank, these have been a long-time coming. Look for them on all of our Pirate-built refurbished bicycles from now on. You can pick one up in the shop too, to help support and promote your Pirate friends.

Also coming soon – lots of Bike Month events! Stay tuned here and lots of other places to hear about events througout bike month, starting May 30th. We hope to see you out in the streets for bike rides, socials, bicycle breakfasts, and of course, our annual Back Alley Bike Wash.