Introducing Rainbow (LGBTQ) Day at Bike Pirates!

This new workshop-format event will take place every Third Wednesday of the month, from 6pm to 9pm.

Our Mission for this event is: To provide a safe inclusive space for those with a common interest in cycling, and to share skills through workshops and events.

Our Vision for this event is: To promote cycling among the LGBTQ community and to promote a sense of community among cyclists.

The first workshop will be on January 18, from 6pm to 9pm. This workshop will be on Preparing for winter: Taking care of your bike, and YOU the cyclist, during harsh winter conditions. Please join us!

Please note that during this time, the space will be closed to ordinary DIY participants.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Rainbow (LGBTQ) Day at Bike Pirates!

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  2. Hi,
    are you still doing these workshops? I’m doing a calender of queer events in Toronto and would like to add these if possible. Any ideas what May and June will be?

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