Bike Pirates Film Night: Studio Ghibli Double Feature

Come by Bike Pirates on April 20th as we show two films by the popular anime producer Studio Ghibli.

The two films to be shown are;

Laputa: Castle in the Sky A story about a boy and a girl outrunning Pirates and foreign agents in search of a giant flying castle.

Pom Poko: A story of shapeshifting raccoons fighting urban sprawl in 1960’s Japan.

The event takes place around 8:30 after we close and setup after our operating hours. Some snacks will be made available.

The event is BYOB, we ask that those who bring their own refreshments do so discretely and drink responsibly. Cups are available as well in the kitchen.

The language of the films is TBD but regardless of language subtitles will be on.

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  1. Wow how coincidental we were planning to come visit for the first time this Saturday, too!

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