MAYDAY 2013! A Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund Fundraiser


Time for our 4th annual BMEF Mayday fundraiser!
Each year has gotten bigger and better. Out of towners start planning now! This weekend will be AWESOME!!
Last year we raised over $4000….lets make this year even more successful!

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The BMEF is a completely community funded and run non profit so each year we gather together to raise money to help support our fellow messengers when they get injured while on the job.

The Bicycle Messenger Emergency fund is a non profit organization that provides emergency compensation to bicycle messengers who are hurt on the job. Currently the BMEF allocates a $300 ( Euro, Can, Lbs, USD etc..)emergency cheque to help messengers anywhere in the world during the first week of injury. This provides a boost, to both the financial and the mental/emotional state of the injured messenger. The goal is to help the injured cope and recover.

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Here are some videos from past MAYDAYs!