Bike Pirates Bike Rave

Bike Pirates Bike Rave
Friday, August 9th, 2013
8:30 PM
Meeting at Dufferin Grove Park

Bike rave is a D.I.Y. event that combines lights with synched music while riding through the streets of Toronto from dance destination to dance destination. The more lights the better, and the more fun the better.

This is Bike Pirates’ second year hosting the event, and we want it to be bigger and better this year!!

Here is the premise:
Everyone covers their bike with lights, glow sticks, streamers, colour, fuzz etc. and meets at the first meeting location. We will make a playlist, which will be available for download a week before the event. At the meeting location, everyone with a sound system will press play at the same time, and then we ride critical mass style through the city. VOILA! Bike Rave.

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And check out what happened last year:

Click here for the 2013 Bike Rave route

View Bike Rave 2013 in a larger map

We will be meeting at Dufferin Grove Park at 8:30 pm, leaving at 9:00 pm. Bike Pirates will be selling glow sticks (pay what you can), so show up early if you need help decking out your bike.

Following Dufferin Grove, stops will be made at:
High Park Adventure Playground
Coronation Park
Trinity Bellwoods Park
Kings College Circle

Follow Bike Rave on Twitter for live tweets of our location on the day of:

Download the playlist here:
(if you get a player, right click and select “save as”)

or here:

Big thanks to Navid Taslimi and Noah Siegel for help with the playlist, and Justin Bull for hosting it on his server

Some Bike Raving tips from the pros:
*Ride safe!! Be conscious of drivers and other riders. Give other bike ravers lots of room on the roads and bike paths

*Stay with the group. Bike Rave is not a race- if you are too far ahead and we make a turn we will not be sending out a search party

*Make sure you have lights and a bell and all that legal jazz

*Don’t be an asshole on the road. If you find yourself in a confrontation with a driver or police officer, be friendly and smile. Bike ravers are lovers, not fighters

*LEAVE NO TRACE. There was a lot of mess left by bike ravers last year, and we want this year to as clean as can be! Throw out your trash or bring it with you to a place where you can

*Standard disclaimer: Please note that Bike Pirates does not condone the use of illicit substances and/or alcohol while riding a bike

*Lights, soundsystem, party attitude

*Spare tubes and patch kit in case of flats

*Lots of water


*All your friends

Toronto Bike Rave is not associated with Vancouver Bike Rave, however we want to acknowledge the awesome organizers who created the original event out west. Want to see how awesome Vancouver Bike Rave is? Check out the video:

5 thoughts on “Bike Pirates Bike Rave

  1. This is an awesome idea! Last year was great! Right up until the outdoor party ended, and everyone left High Park for the after-party, leaving all their beer cans/bottles and other trash littering the kids’ playground. Hopefully the organizers can instill more of the rave festival “leave no trace” mentality in its participants this year.

    • You’re right, we were also disappointed with the mess left last year. For this reason we will not be ending the ride at the playground. Thanks for bringing it up; we’ll add it to the event description, and emphasize it on the day of the event as much as we can.

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