Winter and “Holiday” Hours?

Bike Pirates aims to be open all of our regular, advertised hours throughout the year.
You should always check here if you think we might be closed for some reason, including holidays and extreme weather. Our goal is to remain accessible and reliable to you as much as possible!

To this end: WE WILL BE OPEN Thursday December 26th regular hours, and through the coming week INCLUDING Tuesday December 31st (5-9pm).

Our ANNUAL RENOVATION CLOSURE has been moved back by a week this year so that we can accommodate folks during the first week of January while most regular bike shops are closed. Many bike shops will not be open again until January 6th, so we will not close for renos until FRIDAY JANUARY 10th. We will be re-open on MONDAY JANUARY 20th.

Stay warm and dry, and ride with caution during winter weather.