Renovations Update!

Hey everyone, another successful Bike Pirates renovations period has passed us by. Here are some of the improvements we made that you might notice/enjoy.

Did you know our floors were pink for example?

Pink floors


Stand 9 no longer has to jockey with 7 & 8 thanks to having its own set of tools:

Workstand 9

Between every tool board there is now a place for you to hang your coats:

Coat hooks

A smaller but extremely useful addition for whenever you drop that bolt on the ground, baseboards:


Something to make the lives of our volunteers easier. Urbane Cyclist donated their old tool chest to us:

Tool chest

And finally, difficult to photograph is all the hard work that went into sorting all of the donated parts that we get to make things easier for all of our participants to find.

Thank you all for bearing with us through this closure in order to make the shop better for all of you!

One thought on “Renovations Update!

  1. Great job, everyone! The place looks clean with more functional features. I can’t wait to fill up the new, improved spoke organizer, too.

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