Holidays and 2016 Renos!

We hope that by now everyone is aware that we don’t observe holidays here at Bike Pirates the way that most businesses do. Since we are run by a collective of volunteers and provide a unique service to our community, we tend to be open *ALL OF OUR REGULAR SCHEDULED HOURS* throughout holidays etc. unless volunteers aren’t available.

Generally we close more due to other commitments or extreme weather than because of a holiday!

So come on down, we’ll be observing our regular hours all this week, including new year’s eve.

THE SHOP WILL BE CLOSED FROM JANUARY 8TH TO 17TH  for our annual renovations/shop organizing. If you are interested in coming by and lending a hand we will be addressing issues both large and small, simple and mechanical, during this period.

Want to help rewire our stereo system? Sort parts? paint a wall? reorganize our basement or help install new lighting? We’ll try to keep our FACEBOOK PAGE updated with our plans and what our volunteers will be in the space during renovation week. More hands will mean more tasks get covered!

**Please refrain from asking for bicycle help during this time. It is important for us to be able to focus on improving and organizing the shop so we can help everyone more efficiently in the coming year**