Screen Printing Night Jan 19!

This month, our Third Friday event will be a screen-printing extravaganza!

When: Friday the 19th at 6pm

Where: Bike Pirates

Bring your own T-shirts (or any material) that you wish to print on. We will provide the ink, silk screens, and a number of bicycle designs for you. See you there!

Introducing Rainbow (LGBTQ) Day at Bike Pirates!

This new workshop-format event will take place every Third Wednesday of the month, from 6pm to 9pm.

Our Mission for this event is: To provide a safe inclusive space for those with a common interest in cycling, and to share skills through workshops and events.

Our Vision for this event is: To promote cycling among the LGBTQ community and to promote a sense of community among cyclists.

The first workshop will be on January 18, from 6pm to 9pm. This workshop will be on Preparing for winter: Taking care of your bike, and YOU the cyclist, during harsh winter conditions. Please join us!

Please note that during this time, the space will be closed to ordinary DIY participants.

Ride and potluck Friday

Join the folks from Bike Pirates for our monthly 3rd Friday event this Friday, August 19th. We will have a group ride ending at a nice green space (away from cars!) for a picnic.

Please bring a potluck item for sharing, and something to drink. If you can bring your own bowl/plate and fork that would also be amazing and we will have less waste. Pirates will try to provide some basic food needs as well as clean up stuff.

Meet at the shop for a ride which will *start at 7pm*. The group ride will be pleasant and short, leading us to the secret picnic location. The weather should be nice so come out for our last Summer event!

Hope to see you there!

BFF Party Friday!

We will be hosting a party this friday for the Bicycle Film Fest. It goes from 10pm to late! Here are the details:

The BFF + Bike Pirates join forces to BLOW YOUR MIND. Friday AFTERPARTY.

FREE admission, CHEAP beer… what else do you need?? How about:

  • VJ Puppies
  • Simon DJ’d
  • GoldSprints (stationary races on rollers)
  • Alley shenanigans
  • Hell Track 4 winners & prizes

Art spin is awesome

Some photos (via Dave) of last week’s Art Spin. This event links so many awesome things together: biking solidarity, learning about a great neighborhood of Toronto, new art, and of course entertainment. The next (and last) one this year is August 25. Don’t miss it!

Jarvis lanes

(Note: Bike Pirates is a collective. Any opinions in this post need not reflect the views of others. It is just intended to spark discussion.)

Last week, the city council voted to undo the recently added bike lanes on Jarvis street, pushing cyclist safety one street further outside of town.

Not every cycler necessarily agrees that this was a terrible thing. One article in the Globe claims that these lanes “had to die so others could be born”. The point is that the lanes were controversial to begin with, and that activism can’t succeed by causing anger.

Still, cycling activists will counter that fewer bike lanes means more cars, and more cars means worse traffic, not better. If we want to plan for the future, we need to find ways to cap car traffic and encourage cycling and transit ridership.

In any case, it remains to see if any new lanes will actually come of this. A big proposal to replace ordinary lanes with separated bike lanes downtown recently advanced to a planning stage. This sounds like a good thing. But if that’s all there is to it, then it doesn’t seem like enough.

Birthday party wrap-up

The BP birthday party in Humber park was a blast. For me, a new Torontonian, both the ride out and view of the city were amazing new experiences. The spit was filled with groups of pirates mingling and enjoying the night.

One pirate, James, snapped a few photos, including the one above. More can be found on his blog. Check it out!


Some additional photos from the event!