Closed Dec 24 + Jan 1

kidsbikewithlightsHappy Solstice! As the days begin to get longer and brighter and the weather gets weirder and colder, you can always count on your neighbourhood Bike Pirates to be around to help with any issues the Winter throws at your bicycle!

Please note we will be closed for the following two dates over the holiday season:

Sunday December 24th
Monday January 1st

Our renovation period will begin in late January 2018, so watch for those dates in the coming weeks. Happy Holidays!

Wavelength Saturday November 25th!

Saturday November 25th we will be hosting a super fun show as part of the Wavelength Music Series!


We have been partnering with Wavelength for shows and events over the past few years and love the energy in our space when it gets filled with new folks and new sounds!

Join us TOMORROW for the show – which is ALL-AGES and PWYC ($10 suggested) and features awesome local bands.

Here’s the Facebook event:

What’s happening for July 2017

  • SkullMapCake
  • 1 July – Bike Pirates 11th birthday — there might be cake.  Maybe.  And limeade.
  • 1 July – Canada Day Ride With Wavelength. 3pm to ??, Trinity Bellwoods to Humber Bay. More info here:
  • 5 July – Volunteer Orientation. 7:00pm at the shop. Just show up, we’ll be happy to see you, and you, too, can be a Bike Pirate!
  • 12 July – Mechanical Orientation. 7:00pm at the shop, probably bike stripping for volunteers.
  • 21 July – Craft night. 7:30pm — Silk screen? Buttons? Canvas bags? Mending? Watch the listserve for breaking news!
  • 26 July – Monthly Meeting. Pirate governance stuff, but open to anyone who wants to come. What can i say, it’s a meeting. But sometimes we have snacks.
  • 28 July – Movie Night (maybe). 7:00pm — aww. c’mon. Of *course* there’ll be movie night. We still haven’t seen The Bicycle Thief, and there’s 6 more episodes of Yowamushi Pedal.
  • 31 July - Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market. Noon to 6pm.  Pirates!  In their Pirate-tent!  will be doing safety checks, as usual, for cyclists in the Market.

“Holiday” CLOSURE – Dec 25 + Jan 1

**Bike Pirates will be CLOSED December 25 and January 1**

We don’t usually “observe holidays” over here at Bike Pirates, but this year Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on Sundays when we already have a limited number of volunteers available. So we have decided to be CLOSED on both Sundays – December 25th and January 1st.

We will be open again the following Sunday, January 8th, for Women & Trans hours.

Thank you for your understanding!!


Bike Pirates will be CLOSED this weekend – OCTOBER 1 + 2 – due to a number of volunteers attending the annual Bike!Bike! Conference in Detroit!


The conference is a gathering organized FOR and BY community bicycle projects like Bike Pirates (in fact, we hosted the conference in 2010), and gives us the opportunity to both share our knowledge and experiences, and glean new ideas, concepts, tactics, skills, and forge new relationships with other bike projects from all over the world!

We are very excited about this brief holiday and will be open again for regular shop hours on MONDAY OCTOBER 3rd.


Bike Rave 2016

Ahoy Pirates, Bike Rave 2016 is officially set for August 5.

We will be starting at Underpass Skate Park on the east end, setting up around 7:45 or so, and leaving close to 9PM. Here are the main event details (Facebook):

Here’s the route for this year.

Could definitely use some help with corking the route, particularly when we hit all the red lights going north on Sherbourne and when we hit Yonge/Wellseley.

If you are interested in helping or want to discuss the event, you can come to Pirates on Thursday night this week during volunteer hours
(after 7:30), and I’ll be around to talk.

The plan is to sell glowsticks PWYC at Underpass Skate Park before Bike Rave starts. The ride starts around 9PM or so, but we’ll be around an hour and a bit early to set up.

*ALSO: *It does not say so on the event listing, but if the event gets
broken up at our final stop, Trinity Bellwoods, there will be an
“after-party” of sorts for volunteers, friends, and friends of friends on
the Humber Bridge.

See you there!