Winter Riding workshop

Friday, November 20, 7pm-9pm, 1416 Queen St W.

Join us at Bike Pirates as we prepare to cycle through another great Canadian Winter!

Share tips, tricks, and “hacks” for safe riding when things get dark and slippery.

Volunteers will lead a discussion covering riding skills, how to dress/what to wear, and what works best for your bike.

Pay-What-You-Can/$5 donation.

Bike Rave Toronto 2015!!!!

To all keen cyclists and/or party animals, interesting upcoming event!!

The 2015 Toronto Bike Rave will be on Saturday August 8 (that’s tomorrow).
Meet-up at 8:30pm at Christie Pits, southeast corner (Bloor & Christie).

What is Bike Rave? I quote: “Bike Rave is a D.I.Y. event that combines lights with synched music while riding through the streets of Toronto from dance destination to dance destination.

Here is the premise:

Everyone covers their bike with lights, glow sticks, streamers, colour, fuzz etc. and meets at the first meeting location. We will make a playlist, which will be available for download a week before the event. At the meeting location, everyone with a sound system will press play at the same time, and then we ride critical mass style through the city.”

This is the route: You will see places you have never seen on your bike and did not know existed. Or if you did, you won’t recognize them at night. Really!

This is the Playlist: Thank you,

Facebook here:

Twitter here:

This is how much fun it was last year (and why you should be there this
year, ie, dontcha wish you’d been there last year?):

Youtube — thanks to

  • 1.) Diu2g4u —
  • 2.) Jamie Weller (my fave) — (OMG, that’s Den at 19:43, and me 19:47 in the light-up bunny ears. Yes!! I am *famous*!!!! Slightly.)


Ahem. Be there or be square.



PS Glow sticks are available , so I hear, at Dollarama. I got mine, plus
the light-up bunny ears and my ultra-cool disco gloves, at Rocket
Fireworks, 14 ADVANCE RD near Kipling. They have other locations, too. But any light-up will do!!

Early close tomorrow, July 23 @6pm

On July 23rd (tomorrow!) We will be closing early at 6pm so we can attend Art Spin!

Sorry for the late notice. If you’re unsure how to get to the ride yourself or want to ride in a group, a number of us will be leaving for the start as soon as we close.

Bike Pirates wants to celebrate our NINTH BIRTHDAY with all of you!

Please join us this Saturday, JULY 4TH, for some fun, food, and high fives. We couldn’t have made it to 9 years without the support of this community!

We will be outside the shop for part of the afternoon saying hello to our new Parkdale neighbours, so come by to see the shop in action, have a treat or a glass of lemonade.

After the shop closes join us for a COMMUNITY BIKE RIDE. The ride will start at the shop at 7:30pm and last for about an hour.

We will return to the shop where a social birthday event will begin at 9pm.
This will be a family-friendly event! No loud music, and we will not be selling alcohol, though you are welcome to BYOB. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Music, door-prizes, etc.

In the back we will have fun bike games like:
Wheel Ring Toss
Flat fix competition
Name That Tool
Lock Pick Up, Slow Race, kiddie bike race, etc may occur in the alley!!

Suggestions for other games to play?

If you haven’t come to see our new home yet, come on by! We’d love to give you a tour and show off our new space.

***Bike Pirates is a physically-accessible space, with a ramp at the door and 1 wheelchair accessible bathroom. If you have other accessibility concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We strive to be a safe and anti-oppressive space including during all of our events. Please respect the space and the folks who are in it.