Final Days on Bloor Street

We are approaching our final days at our current home on Bloor Street West.

Our final operating day will be Sunday December 7th.
If you have important repairs to get done for winter riding, or if you haven’t been in for a while and want to say “hi” or “good luck!” please come in between now and the 7th.

During December we will be in the space almost every day sorting, packing up, cleaning and MOVING OUT. If you have time to help during December/January please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter – we will be posting details of our workdays there for volunteers and community members. We hope to only be closed for a month.

In the meantime, happy winter riding, and throw some support behind our Fundraiser!

What are you paying for?

Since Bike Pirates runs completely on donations, supporting our Indiegogo Campaign isn’t just going to pay for our move and renovations. It will help us stay focussed on running the awesome programming that we do in our community year-round. didyouknow

This includes:
28 hours of open shop DIY time every week
*including our successful Women & Trans Sunday program, going 6 years strong
– A community kitchen where meals are cooked for the whole shop
– Community events like movie nights, craft nights and bike rides
– Providing our space at no cost for community allies and grassroots organizations to run events and fundraisers.
– A cool anti-oppressive space where youth can fulfill their volunteer hours and learn mechanical skills.
– A monthly ASL Signing program we are set to launch once we have moved into our new space!

All of which are accessible on a Pay-What-You-Can basis!

Help Build a New Bike Pirates Space – Indiegogo Launches!

Friends and Allies – Bike Pirates has launched our Indiegogo Fundraising campaign! Our goal is to raise $20,000 to create a new home and improved workspace.

Please tell your family, friends and community and encourage them to support our work.
If everyone who appreciates our work gives us $5 or $10, we’ll be well on our way!

Click here to see the campaign, watch the fantastic video, and make a donation.

We are moving closer to securing a new space for our community workshop, and we need your support to make our new home a reality! Donations are needed to fund our move, renos on the new space and replacing aging and broken equipment – new workstations, replacing tools, new kitchen appliances, and upgrading our failing technology, among other things.

There are some great perks offered through the campaign, with more to come as things roll in from community supporters. Have something you could donate to the campaign? Send us an email and let us know –

Please share this widely and stay in the loop by following us online:
Facebook Page

2015 Slingshot Agendas

The 2015 SLINGSHOT ORGANIZERS arrived at Bike Pirates last month. Come in and get a radical, handmade analog organizer to plan your protests and keep your dumpstering schedule organized.

Small “pocket size” organizers are $6
Large spiral-bound are $12

Thanks to the Longhaul Infoshop in Berkeley for continuing to make these!


Bike Rave 2014

Bike Rave 2014
Saturday, August 9, 2014
Start: Christie Pits Park @ 8:30 pm

Bike Rave is a D.I.Y. event that combines lights with synched music while riding through the streets of Toronto from dance destination to dance destination.

This is Bike Pirates’ third year hosting the event, and we want it to be bigger and better this year!!

Here is the premise:
Everyone covers their bike with lights, glow sticks, streamers, colour, fuzz etc. and meets at the first meeting location. We will make a playlist, which will be available for download a week before the event. At the meeting location, everyone with a sound system will press play at the same time, and then we ride critical mass style through the city. VOILA! Bike Rave.

Check out what happened last year:

2014 Playlist

Playlist this year was created by SINergy (Atomic Soundwave)

Thanks to Justin Bull for hosting!

2014 Route

Start- Christie Pits Park
Stop #1- Perth Park
Stop #2- High Park
Stop #3- Coronation Park
End- Trinity Bellwoods

We will be stopping to dance at the four stops along the route. Follow Bike Rave on Twitter for live tweets of our location on the day of:

Join our Facebook page:

Some Bike Raving tips from the pros:

*Ride safe!! Be conscious of drivers and other riders. Give other bike ravers lots of room on the roads and bike paths

*Stay with the group. Bike Rave is not a race- if you are too far ahead and we make a turn we will not be sending out a search party

*Make sure you have lights and a bell and all that legal jazz

*Don’t be an asshole on the road. If you find yourself in a confrontation with a driver or police officer, be friendly and smile. Bike ravers are lovers, not fighters

*LEAVE NO TRACE. There was a lot of mess left by bike ravers last year, and we want this year to as clean as can be! Throw out your trash or bring it with you to a place where you can

*Standard disclaimer: Please note that Bike Pirates does not condone the use of illicit substances and/or alcohol while riding a bike


*Lights, soundsystem, party attitude

*Spare tubes and patch kit in case of flats

*Lots of water


*All your friends

Toronto Bike Rave is not associated with Vancouver Bike Rave, however we want to acknowledge the awesome organizers who created the original event out west. Want to see how awesome Vancouver Bike Rave is? Check out the video: