Cycling Toronto

Other Community DIY shops

  • Bike Chain
    A DIY space run by the University of Toronto. Located at 563 Spadina Crescent, North Borden Building on Bancroft Avenue.
  • Bike Sauce
    Like Pirates, Bike sauce offers a volunteer-staffed DIY workspace as well as a community space. Located at Broadview and Dundas.
  • Community Bicycle Network
    A non-profit organization promoting cycling. They have parts, rentals and DIY repairs. Located at 761 Queen Street West.
  • Evergreen Bike Works
    A space that offers DIY repairs, rentals, and workshops. Located in the pavillion of the Evergreen Brick Works.

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Additional not-for-profit cycle shops

  • Charlie’s Bike Shop
    This shop is part of a larger organization called Charlie’s Freewheels, which offers bicycle-related instruction and opportunities to local youth. The shop is located at 242½ Queen Street East.

Toronto Cycling Maps