Donating to Bike Pirates

Everyone knows the best nation on earth is a donation! Donating used bikes and parts to Bike Pirates is a great way to support our work and to clear out your garage or basement at the same time.

Like what we do but don’t need our services? Consider donating through PayPal to help keep Pirates open.

Please remember that Bike Pirates never buys or trades for bikes or bike parts.

Here are some things we’re looking for:

  • Bicycles

A usable bike or frame is the ultimate donation. Bring it by the shop or to any event where we have a stand! Bikes that are in good working order will be checked by Bike Pirate volunteers and adjusted as needed before being re-sold at affordable prices as part of our low-cost bicycle program. Bikes that are not in good working order will be stripped for usable parts and recycled.

  • Useable bicycle partsParts and tires that are in good condition will be added to our substantial stock of second-hand parts that are available at pay what you can prices. If you’re not sure if the bikes or parts you have are reusable, feel free to drop them off anyway. Bike Pirate volunteers will check them out and make use of anything that we can. Any bikes, parts or tires that cannot be reused will be recycled on site rather than entering the waste stream.
  • ToolsWe can use almost any tool, not only bike-related ones.
  • Construction materialssuch as lumber
  • Ragsor old clothes that want to become rags
  • BooksTake a look at our library and see if there are any gaps you can fill in our collection!
  • Bike-related art

You can also make cash or cheque donations to Bike Pirates Bicycle Club.