Our library

Recommended mechanical references

  • Sutherland’s
  • Zinn’s cycling primer (Lennard Zinn)
  • Zinn and the art of road bike maintenance (Lennard Zinn)
  • Complete guide to bicycle maintenance and repair (bicycling magazine)
    (lots of step-by-step photos, 1990)
  • Bicycle care and repair (Coles)
    (Lots on coaster and 3-speed hubs)

Further mechanical references

  • The mountain bike book (Rob van der Plas)
  • The bicycle repair book (Rob van der Plas)
  • Mountain bike maintenance (Mel Allwood)
  • The bicycle (R John Way)
  • The Canadian cycling book (Ken Smith)
    (lots of photos, 1972)
  • Reconditioning the bicycle (Bicycling books)
  • Handy pocket guide to bicycle repair (Eugene A. Sloane)
    (quick reference, 1993)
  • Road bike maintenance (Guy Andrews)
  • Do it! quick bike repairs (Chronical books)
    (quick reference, 1994)

All about cycling

  • The complete book of bicycling (Eugene A. Sloane)
    (Advice, info, history, good pics and illustrations, 1970)
  • The book of the bicycle (Roger St. Pierre)
  • Cycle Canada (Bud Jorgensen)

Canada routes and trail guides

  • The great Toronto bicycling guide (Elliott Katz)
  • Mountain bike adventures in the northern Rockies (Michael McCoy, 1989)
  • The complete guide to bicycling in Canada (Elliott Katz, 1989)
  • Mountain bike guide to Ontario (Rider Mel, 2003)
  • Ontario mountain bike trail guide (Ron Seca, 1994)

Other cycling guides

  • The ultimate great rides (Procycling)
    (routes and trails worldwide, 2004)
  • enCycleopedia: the international buyer’s guide to alternatives in cycling (Overlook press)
    (all about the different types of bikes, good pics, 1997)
  • Andy Pruitt’s complete medical guide for cyclists (Andy Pruitt, 2006)
  • The complete book of road cycling skills (Ed Pavelka)
  • Bicycling for dummies (Allen St. John)
  • Extreme mountain biking (Universe publishing)
  • Mountain bike! (William Nealy)
  • Training plans for cyclists (Gale Bernhardt)
  • China by bike (Roger Grigsby)


  • Bicycles locked to poles (John Glasse)
    (photo art, 2004)The Tour de France 2005 (Bob Roll, Dan Koepell)
  • Wheels within wheels (Dervla Murphy)
  • Bicycling: a history (Frederick Alderson)
  • It’s not about the bike (Lance Armstrong)