What we sell

  • Shop time
    The use of our space is “by donation” rather than an hourly fee, with consideration for the amount of time used and work accomplished. Use of the space includes access to workstands, professional tools, advice, and hands-on help from our volunteers. 

    Note: Bike Pirates is a registered non-profit organization and entirely volunteer-based.

  • Parts
    Used parts are sold by donation. If you’re not sure how much a used part is worth, please ask a volunteer and will give you an estimated price 

    New parts are sold at set prices according to industry standards.

  • Bikes
    Selling affordable, refurbished bikes helps us to fulfil our mandate – not just by diverting old bicycles from the garbage stream, but by making bicycles more financially accessible and therefore putting more cyclists on the streets of Toronto. It also helps us pay our rent. 

    Prices depend on the quality of the bike and how many new parts were added. Price tags should include a list of what work was needed and the new parts that were added. Prices range from $50 for an old beater with new cables and tubes to $300 for a quality road bike with new wheels.

  • Bike Pirates Swag
    We often have Bike Pirates T-shirts, buttons, stickers and other swag for sale, but production is entirely volunteer-based, so these items may not always be available.