Trans and women Sundays

Since November 2008, Sunday afternoons at Bike Pirates have been open exclusively to trans folks and women. On this day, access to the space, including access to all parts, sale items, and library, is reserved for individuals who identify as women or transgender people. (Small and accompanied children are also allowed.)

The goal of Sundays is to try to address the difficulties many women and trans people encounter when trying to access cycling by creating as safe a space as possible for learning, socializing, and empowering our selves and each other.

Gear Up!

Is a new, continuing 3-week series of bicycle workshop for Women and Trans folks. Presented by Bike Pirates’ Women & Trans Sundays and the Wenches with Wrenches collective, Gear Up! workshops aim to educate and empower women & trans-identified folks to be strong, independent cyclists. By providing a safer space we hope to encourage people to access our space who may otherwise not find it accessible, and the Gear Up! Workshops target those who learn better in a more structured teaching environment.

Bring your bike and we can use it as a learning tool (depending on space available). Be advised that repairs will not be done during Gear Up! workshop time. There is no registration required, just drop in! The charge is $5 or pay-what-you-can.

Workshops take place on the first three Sundays of each month, from 6:30pm–8:30pm, with the following schedule:

  • 1st Sunday – Intro, bike anatomy, flat fix
  • 2nd Sunday – Brakes and Gears
  • 3rd Sunday – Advance lesson: a different subject each month covering advanced mechanics or a creative cycling topic.
    • February: Winter Riding
    • March: Wheel Truing
    • April: Urban Riding skillshare + bike ride!

Combatting Oppression

Our ultimate goal at Bike Pirates is to create an anti-oppressive environment for people to learn and work together every day that the shop is open. Trans and Women Sundays began when several people involved in Pirates came together with encouragement from other community members to ask for dedicated shop time. Women and trans folks are often heavily discouraged from developing their mechanical skills, and the cycling community tends to be pretty cis dude-centered. We believe that providing shop hours specifically for women and trans folks to learn from each other is an important way of making Bike Pirates a safer space for a broader range of people. As Sunday participants gain experience, we hope that they may feel more comfortable coming into the shop other days of the week as well.

KynochAlthough we do not have exclusive space organized around them, we recognize that other oppressions including racism, classism, ablism, and heterosexism are also important barriers to participation at Bike Pirates and in the cycling community more broadly.

Allies who are not trans- or woman-identified can support Sundays by:

  • Respecting the space. If you are not woman-identified or trans-identified, please come to the shop during our other open hours!
  • Taking us seriously. We have created this space because we feel like we need it. It is hurtful to ask people who are trying to claim space whether they are joking!
  • Being aware of the ways you interact with others at Bike Pirates. Creating a positive, anti-oppressive environment is everyone’s job.
  • Educating yourself about issues affecting trans folks and women.
  • Explaining to other potential allies why it is important to support trans and women exclusive spaces. It is often helpful for dudes to hear it from other dudes!