Feb 2: Ice Bike Tire Building Seminar

Always curious about ice bike racing but the thought of building your own tires was to daunting? Well now you too can build ice bike racing tires. Come out to Bike Pirates on Wednesday February 2nd, 6-9pm to learn how its all done, taught by the Ice Emperor. The instruction is free, but you need to bring the materials yourself.

Here is what you are going to need to bring:

For a starter a frame with tire clearance for stud protrusion.

Next determine length of screw needed for 2 to 3 mm to stick out , #4 pan head Robertson scews are my prefered ones and #6 second choice. For best results I pre-drill holes for screws so a smaller bit than screw diameter, a hand drill, bit driver and of course hundreds of those shiny things. 300 per are fun, 500 per are better and well my latest tires have 850 + per. Cost of screws are about $4-5 per hundred at Jacob’s Hardware but they should be ordered ahead of time.

Come on out, it will be fun. For further info contact the Bike Joint @ 416-532-6392.

Please be aware that space is limited! We’ll try to fit everyone in, but no promises.