Busy Season Continues!!

We are up to our eyeballs in bikes and bike-riders! If you are coming in to use the space we will probably be full, and you will most likely have to put your name on our waiting list. Patience is key! We want to help each and every one of you, and we want your bicycle to be awesome and safe.

Here are a few tips for accessing the space during this very busy season:
please be prepared to wait. Be patient, and courteous.

Bring your bike lock! we cannot store or be responsible for you bicycle!!

Bring a book – or read one of ours – you could get a better idea of how to accomplish the repair you are waiting to do.

Be mindful of time. We cannot predict how long it will take anyone to learn and fix their own bike, but what helps is if you come in with one repair you need to accomplish today, not a full overhaul. After 2-3 hours on a stand, it might be time to finish up and allow someone else to access the space.

Hang out, have fun, ask questions, but try not to be in the way. We need our main thoroughfare – the wooden part of our floor – to be as clear as possible. There are people and bikes and frantic mechanics moving up and down – and in and out of – the space all day. Please keep things clear and don’t block the entranceway.

Be respectful of the volunteers who are running the space. They are here to help you, and are in a position to dictate how the space will or will not run. We have basic rules of conduct – i.e. you cannot work on your bike unless you have a repair stand – which are in place for your safety and the functioning of Bike Pirates.

Please do not take our tools outside, unless you have been given specific permission.

Be sure to make a donation for the use of the space, as well as paying for your parts. The donation you make should reflect how much time you spent at Pirates and how much you accomplished. This donation literally pays our rent. You want us to still be here next year, right?

Don’t forget to go for a test ride (especially if you have been working on your brakes!)

Always let us know when you are done, and fill out a receipt at the front desk.

Happy Riding!
Bike Pirates.