IMG_20140728_231039We have more than a few well-established rules here at Bike Pirates, one of which is we do not sell bikes or frames AS IS. This is for a few reasons, not the least of which is ensuring that bikes leaving Pirates are safe, rideable and going to good use.

However, every once in a while a rule must be broken!

During our renos we determined we had far too many BARE BICYCLE FRAMES (and carcasses) than we could possibly hope to build up for sale, even if we had weekly bike builds and a legion of enthusiastic, over-caffeinated wrenchers.


Starting February 6 at noon frames will be available for sale throughout the month of February.
Bike Pirates normally has a policy of not allowing frames to leave the shop without it being complete and safe, so this is another exception that will be available to you.

This is a cash and carry sale on a first come first serve basis.

Bike Pirates will also not hold any frames for anybody for whatever reason. Come early for best selection.
Frames will be priced on a PWYC basis for most frames, and the higher end ones will be available for up to $20. Frames will be available as frames only and most will be with a fork and headset.
Come by and get your new project started!!
There’s one catch: If you choose to work on your bike at Pirates (which we would love to help you with), we will not be able to accommodate it in our project room if you do not finish. Each time you visit the shop the bike/frame will need to go home with you.