What’s happening for July 2017

  • SkullMapCake
  • 1 July – Bike Pirates 11th birthday — there might be cake.  Maybe.  And limeade.
  • 1 July – Canada Day Ride With Wavelength. 3pm to ??, Trinity Bellwoods to Humber Bay. More info here: http://www.wavelengthmusic.ca/
  • 5 July – Volunteer Orientation. 7:00pm at the shop. Just show up, we’ll be happy to see you, and you, too, can be a Bike Pirate!
  • 12 July – Mechanical Orientation. 7:00pm at the shop, probably bike stripping for volunteers.
  • 21 July – Craft night. 7:30pm — Silk screen? Buttons? Canvas bags? Mending? Watch the listserve for breaking news!
  • 26 July – Monthly Meeting. Pirate governance stuff, but open to anyone who wants to come. What can i say, it’s a meeting. But sometimes we have snacks.
  • 28 July – Movie Night (maybe). 7:00pm — aww. c’mon. Of *course* there’ll be movie night. We still haven’t seen The Bicycle Thief, and there’s 6 more episodes of Yowamushi Pedal.
  • 31 July - Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market. Noon to 6pm.  Pirates!  In their Pirate-tent!  will be doing safety checks, as usual, for cyclists in the Market.

July 2016 events

In addition to our regular Open Shop hours, we have the following special events coming up in July:

Wed   6 July 7pm – Volunteer orientation
Fri      8 July 7pm – Bike build (Pirate volunteers only, but means there should be some used bikes for sale on Saturday July 9)
Sat     9 July noon to 5pm – Pirate Birthday Party (10th? — gosh, we’re not sure!)  Come on down for lemonade and cake during our regular Saturday shop hours.  Pirate-only bash after shop close.
Wed  13 July 8pm – Mechanical Orientation — focus on old school bottom brackets.
Thurs14 July 6pm – ArtSpin — the shop will close early (6pm) so we can go
Wed   20 July 8pm – Biking Law Seminar — everyone welcome.  More info coming soon.
Wed   27 July 7pm – monthly meeting for Pirate volunteers

And here’s this handy Bike Pirates 2016 monthly calendar